Lab Specialists

musique du film rencontre avec joe black Our students design, build and maintain our indoor and outdoor aquaponics systems.  Between growing food and harvesting weekly the students also raise Rainbow Trout, White Sea Bass for HUBBS and are growing Corals.  Contact us to schedule a tour and see what else they are adding.

Stewardship Hours

dark dating sex ASE students will participate in an environmental stewardship event where they must “do” some type of positive action to support our local environment.  This can include working with Habitat for Humanity, participating in a beach cleanup through an environmental service organization, completing an outreach project with one of our feeder schools, or you can find many other Stewardship Opportunities here.

Robotics and Hydrogen Fuel Cell and more!

Do you like to build?  Engineer? Problem solve and innovate?  Come join our Robotics and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Program!  Compete against other schools and show your Charger Pride .  E-sports is also an option for any students loving the world of gaming and computer science.