Got Questions? Frequently Asked Questions about Academy of Sustainability (ASE) a STEAM program @ Edison High School:
Why is this STEAM Program a good choice for my student?
ASE will teach your students to think critically, become innovators, problem solvers and prepare themselves for a future career in STEAM through “hands-on” “minds-on” project based learning. This program will give them skills to be successful in a college and eventually in a career that might not exist right now.
What is STEAM?
We are a STEAM program because we provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. STEAM education focuses on preparing and inspiring generations of learners to meet the challenges of the global society through innovation, collaboration, and creative problem solving to prepare students for post-secondary study and the 21st century workforce.
What is unique about the STEAM Program?
In our Edison ASE Program, students work in a collaborative learning environment where math and science courses are linked together through common curriculum and ASE students are exposed to practical real world problems through the lens of STEAM.
My Student is not GATE?
This is not a GATE program. We WELCOME ALL students. If they love to tinker, work on project based learning projects, problem solve, think outside the box, and work on real world issues related to STEAM education, this program is for you!
As a parent, why would I choose this program?
ASE prepares your student for the career paths in the growing STEAM industry. We are building a program focused on opportunity. The opportunity to explore math concepts and science concepts, see how the two work together, experience how they interact with the world around us, and share it all within a learning community with interests similar to their own. If your student is interested in STEAM, sustainability, or engineering, then you should choose ASE!
What are the STEAM topics covered in the first-year ASE class?
Our first-year ASE Coursework includes:
Introduction to Engineering & Design;
Data Analysis and Collection;
Project Based Learning Projects with Renewable Energy;
Real World Problems associated with Sustainability;
Bioethics and more.