Our Program

 Edison ASE is the college and career pathway for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) focused students. In this program we encourage and foster problem solvers, innovators and out of the box thinkers.  Our program enforces and goes beyond what is learned through the standards by aligning project based learning to the curriculum. Our goal is to be hands-on and minds-on while working in a learning community that bridges math and science concepts. When ASE students graduate after our four year program they will enter college and careers with the ability and awareness to improve the world around them.

Meet the Team

Andrea Harrell, Director and Algebra 1 Teacher

Greg Gardiner, Assistant Director and Biology Teacher

Kelly Porter, Assistant Director and Intro to Sustainability Teacher

Rachel Wentworth, Geometry Teacher

Aaron Pines, Algebra 2 Teacher

Marcos Cabrera, Chemistry Teacher

Nicole Swank, Geometry teacher

Jill McBride, Precalculus Teacher

Praisy Poulan, Physics

Triona O'Mahoney, Guidance Specialist

Jason Ross, Administrator

Nicola Weiss, Booster President

Why I am a part of ASE

http://metodosalargarpene.es/ebioer/5069 Greg Gardiner: I am an ASE Leader because we are building a sustainable culture of learning that encourages students to become critical thinkers and responsible citizens.

important source Nicole Schwenk: I am an ASE Leader because I believe STEM is our future.

http://havanatranquility.com/daeso/474 Rachel Wentworth: I am an ASE Leader because I care about our children and the future of our planet.

Click Here Jason Ross: I am an ASE Leader because I see tremendous value in providing hands on, project based STEAM learning opportunities to students that will help them become the worlds problem solvers and innovators and I am willing to do whatever I can to promote and support our students and staff.

http://faithsmedicalservices.com/maljavkos/3402 Andrea Harrell: I am an ASE Leader because I believe education goes beyond what can be learned in a textbook or what can be contained in the four walls of a classroom.

site de rencontre amicale sur paris Marcos Cabrera: I am an ASE Leader because the world is changing, the future is coming, and education must change to prepare for the future world.

i loved this Kelly Porter: I am an ASE Leader because I am passionate about opening eyes to the ability they have to make positive change in both society and the natural world.

Aaron Pines: I am an ASE Leader because STEM education is the future and I want to help make ASE the best program at Edison.

Praisy Poluan: I am an ASE Leader because I love teaching our students valuable skills they will use beyond just the classroom setting.

Triona O'Mahony: I am an ASE Leader because I am committed to the vision and mission of ASE and believe ASE students can make a difference in our future.

Jill McBride: I am an ASE Leader because I believe in helping students gain critical thinking skills and apply them to solve problems.